Turnkey Machining Lines

We put together the most advanced technologies, which we continue to improve together with the world’s automotive industry.

Turnkey Machining Lines (Transfer Lines)

The heart of the automobile, the engine and the transmission, are made up of parts machined by groups of numerically controlled special purpose machines made by NTC. We refer to these groups of machines as Turnkey Machining Lines or Transfer Lines. NTC’s Transfer Lines are installed all over the world.

Customers around the globe rave that NTC machines rarely break down, never stop running, and are easy to repair. Because of this, we have won numerous awards from internationally renowned customers. In addition to being a supplier of machines, we can provide integrated systems (from materials to finished products) and turn-key solutions. Because we have such a diverse background working with Japanese, American, Asian and European automakers, we offer a well-rounded line up of machines.

A top supplier for the auto industry

Groups of NTC machines centering on transfer machines are pivotal in mass production systems (automatic transfer combined machine tools). Furthermore, NTC offers various grinders which have been widely used both in the domestic and overseas markets.

Capability to propose outstanding production systems

In addition, NTC contributes to the development of the automotive industry not only in the supply of machine tools but also in the supply of new hardware into which software is incorporated. NTC’s total capability to make such a proposal based on a deep operational understanding to meet all the needs of our customers has earned the highest trust and reputation from our customers in both the domestic and overseas markets.

Productivity and reliability recognized by the Global Market

NTC has received numerous awards as “Best Supplier” from auto manufacturers around the world. This is due to our customer’s high evaluation of the productivity and reliability of NTC machines in customers’ plants. NTC is a leader in the Japanese machine tool industry.