Next-Generation CNC Machining Center that provides a Productive and Flexible solution to cover the global standardization demands.

NX400 Specifications

  • The NX400 CNC Machining Center complements the global market strategy of international auto makers. The movable Z-axis table provides high rigidity and freedom of transfer for a diverse range of uses.

  • Table options are available to facilitate any type of work that would be required.

  • Tool magazine accommodates long and large-diameter tools for even the toughest jobs including Cylinder Heads and other parts that require high accuracy and highly rigid machining.

Items Specifications Specifications
Imperial System
Spindle Spindle speed
12,000 (18,000)*
Spindle taper HSK-A63/KM6350
Stroke X, Y, Z stroke
800/600/900 31.5/23.6/35.4 in
Feed Speed Fast Feed Speed (x,y,z axis) [mm/min] 60,000 2362.2 in/min
ATC Tool Storage Capacity [pcs.] 39 (59)*
Maximum Tool Diameter (with adjacent tool) [mm] 70 2.8 in
Maximum Tool Diameter (without adjacent tool) [mm] 250 9.8 in
Maximum Tool Length [mm] 300 (600)* 11.8 in (23.6)
Maximum Tool Mass [kg] 5 (with conditions: 11kg)* 11.0 lbs (with conditions 24.3)
Motor Spindle Motor (rated 30 min/continuous) [kW] 11/7.5 (18.5/15)*
Power Supply Power Capacity [kVA] 65
Machine Dimensions Machine Height [mm] 3,200 126.0 in
Required Floor Space [mm x mm] 3,000 x 6,000 118.1 x 236.2 in
Mass Machine Proper [kg] 23,000 25.4 US tons
NC Controller Type FANUC 35iB
*Values in parentheses are optional **All conversions are rounded to the nearest tenth