The N30Hi is not just compact and strong, but strong because it’s compact. Ideal balance between compactness, speed, and durability. Ideal for machining small parts that require maximum accuracy.

N30Hi Specifications

  • This Horizontal N30Hi CNC Machining Center has a reputation as one of the most reliable machines in the automotive industry. Its energy-efficient and compact design sets it apart from competitors and is a compact version of the conventional #30 machine.

  • Available with a wide range of options to accommodate cylinder head machining, valve body machining, rear housing and beyond.

  • Able to machine small components as well.

  • Table options also are available to suit any need that would be required.

  • This machine has been tailored for a full automation line with it’s size and rigid power.

Items Specifications Specifications
Imperial System
Spindle Spindle Speed [min-1] 200~12,000
Spindle Taper BT-30
Stroke X,Y,Z stroke
400/300/300 15.7/11.8/11.8 in
Feed Speed Fast Feed Speed (x,y,z axis) [mm/min] 48,000 1889.8 in/min
ATC Tool Storage Capacity [pcs.] 16
Maximum Tool Diameter (with adjacent tool) [mm] 50 2.0 in
Maximum Tool Diameter (without adjacent tool) [mm] 80 3.2 in
Maximum Tool Length [mm] 200 (250)* 7.9 (9.8)in
Maximum Tool Mass [kg] 3 6.6 lbs
Motor Spindle Motor (rated 30 min/continuous) [kW] 3.7/5.5
Power Supply Power Capacity [kVA] 17
Machine Dimensions Machine Height [mm] 2,000 78.7 in
Required Floor Space [mm x mm] 1100 x 2200 43.3 in x 86.6 in
Mass Machine Proper [kg] 2700 3.0 US tons
NC Controller Type FANUC 0i-MD
*Values in parentheses are optional **All conversions are rounded to the nearest tenth