Heavy Duty Machining Center for Long Workpieces

The ZV8000 is a part of our large capacity machine line. The base unit version of this machine allows for machining including facemilling, endmilling, and drilling up to 10 feet (longer and larger machining area upon request). It is also able to do this without sacrificing NTC’s globally recognized quality and precision that is found in our smaller machines. With a design that is able to set up, load, and unload workpieces easily in a large performance work envelope while still following the quality initiatives ISO 9001 certification and our stricter internal standards for our machines’ quality, machine life durability, and tolerance, it has been a popular and must have for companies looking for large size and heavy duty manufacturing equipment.

Items Unit Standard Specifications
Travel X Axis Travel mm (inch) 3,050 (120)
Y Axis Travel mm (inch) 800 (31.5)
Z Axis Travel mm (inch) 600 (23.6)
Table Work Area mm (inch) 3,100 x 600
(122 x 23.6)
Table Surface Type 22mm 3T-Slots
Spindle Spindle Speed STD min-1 (rpm) 30~4,000
Speed Step type 2 Steps
Spindle Inside Diameter mm (inch) Ø100 (3.93)
Spindle Torque N.m (lbs. ft) 536 (395)
[Direct motor 64/47 (85/62)]
Feed Rate Rapid Traverse Rate
X and Z Axis
mm (inch)/min 12,000 (472.4)
Rapid Traverse Rate
Y Axis
mm (inch)/min 10,000 (393.7)
ATC Type of Tool Shank type BT50/CAT50
Maximum Tool Diameter mm (inch) 160 (6.3)
Maximum Tool Diameter
(w/o adjacent tools)
mm (inch) 220 (8.7)