PX3560 Specifications

  • An ultra-high-speed,high-precision profile grinder.

  • The highly rigid structure enhances machining accuracy.

  • The PX3560 is a space-saving machine is equipped with a more compact machining chamber.

Items Specifications Specifications
Imperial System
Base M/C M/C Height [mm] 1,800 70.9 in
Work Spindle Height [mm] 1,100 43.3 in
Floor Space [mm] 2,850 x 6,430 112.2 x 253.1 in
Center Pitch [mm] 600 23.6 in
Max Swing [mm] φ350 φ13.8 in
Machine Weight
App. 14,000 15.4 US tons
G.W. Diameter [mm] φ510 φ20.1 in
Width [mm] 60 2.4 in
Wheel Head G.W. Drive Motor 30kW original motor
Rotary Drive Type Belt drive
Bearing Type Hybrid hyd. brg.
Wheel Feed (X axis) Rapid Feed Rate [mm] φ48,000 φ1889.8 in
Slide Type Hydro-static contactless slide
Wheel Traverse Feed (Z axis) Rapid Feed Rate [mm] 20,000 787.4 in
Slide Type V-flat slide way
Head Stock (LH Side) Work Center MT#5 Drive center
Rotating Speed (MAX) 150min-1
Tail Stock (RH Side) Work Center Dead center
Center Clamp Method NCstroke 200mm + Hyd.stroke 30mm NCstroke 7.9 in + Hyd.stroke 1.2 in
Dresser Mount Behind GW Head
Rotary Diamond Diameter [mm] φ120 φ4.7 in
NC Type FANUC 31i-B
Options Small Diameter G.W. Spec. [mm] φ104~160 φ4.1~6.3 in
Two Pieces G.W. Spec. Yes
Chuck Type Choice
Automatic Work Rest Yes
*All conversions are rounded to the nearest tenth