NTC has designed an an entirely new machine to enhance the Crankshaft production line. Named the DD200. The DD200 was developed to eliminate the unbalance that occurs at the end of the Crankshaft Production Line that is common when using Traditional Dynamic Balance Measuring equipment.

By thinking outside of the box here at NTC, we have built a new innovative approach to the crankshaft machining line. This new machine measures the balance of Crankshafts at the beginning of the line by using our Patented software and design. This new machine revolutionizes the old process by not using weight and spin in order to find the initial balancing in the Crankshaft Production Line.

This new DD200 measures by first scanning the Crankshaft’s Counterweights using a laser to find the shape and size. Then it converts those measurements and compares them with the 3D drawings and future final balancing. Based off that information the position of the center is determined.

The DD200 was released in Japan in 2018 and has successfully lead to:

  • Crankshaft weight savings (leads to material cost reduction and weight saving in the vehicle)
  • Improved balance quality
  • Created an overall reduction in the correction amount that occurs with Traditional Dynamic Measuring equipment. The DD200 creates the ideal balancing and as a result, the need for correction holes and other options to balance weight are significantly reduced.
  • As a result of the above, there has been proven cases of overall mass reductions in Crankshafts because there were no longer a need to have that extra raw material to the crankshaft to compensate for re-balancing.
  • Has been proven to work very well with irregularly balanced crankshafts such as the L3, V6, and V8 because it does not need the actual weight or rotation in order to find the correct balance. The DD200 is also able to factor in the weight that will be added in the engine to correct the balance by balance shafts, outer balancers, etc. into its calculation.
  • Creates cost savings in the tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • Is also expected to reduce vibration and increase fuel efficiency in the future.
  • Stock Removal Calculation for other non-crankshaft rotating parts (Optional)
The best part is that it can work in any already existing production line and can be paired with any Machining Center, even if not our Machining Center!

So please reach out to NTC to learn more!

To read more about the DD200 specifications, the even larger DD300’s specifications, or to contact NTC; please click the read more: READ MORE

Connor Nelson