The ComPlex5400

Komatsu NTC has developed the newest high spec 5 axis machining center: The ComPlex5400

  1. The ComPlex5400 is a Horizontal 5-axis 40 taper Machining Center that uses its High Precision, High-Performance, and High-Rigidity to meet any production required of it, even the flexible production line required by electronic parts.
  2. With a pallet size of □ 500mm, a max rotational spindle speed of 20,000 r/min, a maximum torque of 77N·m, and a 1 second to 20,000 r/min acceleration; the ComPlex5400 is able to achieve machining at the highest level of speed in its class.
  3. The ComPlex 5400 is able to support any production required by the customer due to the APC (automatic pallet changer) that comes standard, a gantry transport height of 2100mm, and other options such as but not limited to the use of a multiple pallet changer also known as Pallet Pools.
  4. The A & B cantilever shaft mechanism has a reverse machining range of 400mm and the chips discharge directly below and behind the machining area, which allows for the continuous machining in the inverted state and eliminates chip discharge troubles in continuous machining.
  5. It is equipped with the IoT system “KOMTAS” which helps to visualize the status of the equipment by transmitting detailed data from the machine into information that can be understood by anyone. This helps with preventive maintenance of the equipment, the diagnosis of processing troubles, allows the customer recognize and respond to any personnel shortages, and improves productivity.
Standard: (60) Tool Capacity Disk Magazine
Optional: (120) Tool Capacity Available
Max Tool Length 400mm [600mm*] 
Max Tool Diameter: φ250mm
Max Tool Weight: 11kg

Complex5400 Magazine





Standard Equipment:
Automatic Pallet Changer
Optional Equipment:
No Pallet Changer
Multi-Pallet Changer (Pallet Pool)




ComPlex5400 Specifications

Items Specifications Specifications
Imperial System
Spindle Max Spindle Speed [r/min] 20,000
Spindle Holder Type HSK-A63 [BT40 and CAT40 are options]
Acceleration to 20,000 rpm 1 Second
(Depends on tool cutting conditions)
Stroke X/Y/Z Stroke [mm] I [in] 800/800/900 31.5/31.5/35.5
Feed Speed Rapid Feed Speed (x,y,z axis)
[mm/min] I [inch/min]
60,000 2,362.2
ATC Tool Storage Capacity [pcs.] 60 (120*)
Maximum Tool Diameter [mm] I [inch]
(with adjacent tool)
80 3.15
Maximum Tool Diameter [mm] I [inch]
(w/o adjacent tool)
250 9.84
Maximum Tool Length [mm] I [inch] 400 15.7
Maximum Tool Mass [kg] I [lbs.] 11 24.2
Motor Spindle Motor [K/W] I [Hp] 45/37/26 45/37/26
Power Supply Power Capacity [kVa] 175
Machine Dimensions Machine Height [mm] I [in] 3205 126.1
Required Floor Space [mm x mm] I [in x in] 3795 x 4440 149.4 x 178.8
Mass Machine Proper [kg] I [lbs.] 18,200 40,124
NC Controller Type
Simultaneous 5-axis
[FANUC] (Standard)
FS-31iB5 Plus Can also be used for just simultaneous 4-axis
Controller Type
Simultaneous 4-axis
[FANUC] (Option)
FS-31iB Plus
All specifications are standard unless otherwise noted.

Connor Nelson

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